Got error 28 from storage engine

Query: SELECT m.*, p.picture_id, p.filename, p.totalvotes as picture_votes, p.totalscore as picture_score, p.description FROM vld_pictures as p, vld_albums AS a, vld_members AS m, vld_members_conf as c, vld_members_data_members AS d WHERE m.member_id=d.data_id AND p.member_id=m.member_id AND p.member_id=c.conf_id AND a.album_id=p.album_id AND a.password='' AND a.accesslevel = '0' AND p.rated='1' AND c.access_pictures='0' AND'1' AND'1' AND m.group_id IN (1,5,2) AND ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1