danjlv, 37
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Chronic bator looking for other mates close by to meet up and get filthy together. Keen to bond with like minded brothers.
Long day edger, mostly working from home = porn on, cock out.

Looking for mates to build friendships around bate, edge and male bonding. Looking to push each other's limits.
Mates embracing piggy sex and wallowing, playing, in all kinds of fluids, be it spit, sweat, piss, or cum.

See groups for more info but very few limits, the more p 3 r v the better. Pig, kinky, cock slut. No scat/blood/fisting, open minded for rest.

https://bateworld.com/profile.php?user=d … anjlv


Je suis: Bisexuel
Age: 37
Trips: Branle individuelle, Branle mutuelle, Sucer, Être sucé, Sodomiser, Être sodomisé, Caresses
Pays: France
Region: Paris
Ville: Clichy


Silhouette: Je répondrai plus tard
Origine: Européenne
Yeux: Noisette
Pilosité: Poilu
Taille: Je répondrai plus tard
Cheveux: Noirs


Pour se voir: A l'hotel
Avec un mec: Je répondrai plus tard

Mon sexe

Longueur: Je répondrai plus tard
Pubis: Poilu
Circoncis: Non
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